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Eric Hansmann

This is interesting as another regional railroad was also converting older gondolas to box cars in the mid-1920s, too.


The Western Maryland began converting fishbelly center sill, composite gondolas in the 40960-40971 and 40972-40973 series about 1926. Nearly 900 of these gondolas were listed in the 1919 ORER and only 13 listed in the 1927 ORER.


The 1943 ORER lists 805 box cars in the 23000-24999 series with 6-foot doors and an 8-foot interior height. These were double sheathed cars with an odd bolster to end sill distance. These cars were the dominant box car class on the WM in 1940, and largely unknown to many fans of the railroad.


How many other lines were rebuilding gondolas into box cars in the 1920s?



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According to Eric Neubauer's LNE freight car book these cars were rebuilt from gondolas by LNE in 1925.


They were originally from gondola series 10001-10200 built by PSC in 1916. 


Hope this helps. 


John Evans 

Easton, PA

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I am preparing an LNE roster for 1954 – 1958.  Not my primary road (which is PRR) but I am going to make a “hypothetical” connection near Bath, PA.  Per usual, I want to get things right so I have been chasing down the details of the LNE roster (which I will post here when completed).


First issue:  I am looking for construction information on the 7001-7200 boxcar series.  There were 182 left in 1954 and they were gone by 1958.  They are specified as “steel frame” boxcars in the 1954 ORER, with an interior length of 39’10”.  I’m pretty sure they were single-sheathed boxcars from their 50 ton capacity. But . . .


I haven’t a clue as to who made them or when.  Somewhere, I saw a date of 1916, but think that was off the side of an Accurail model boxcar (very questionable).  I could not find these cars in Ted Culotta’s Box & Automobile Cars book nor Ed Kaminshi’s ACF, or Magor Car Corporation books or Erik Neubauer’s PSCC e-book.


Anyone know who built those 200 boxcars for LNE and when were they built?  Also, where they a Pre-WWI, USRA or ARA design or clone?


TYIA -- John


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