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I found this example about a year ago:

The drawing is for a SAL class A-1 automobile box cars SAL 9011-9035 (1936) and SAL 9036-9060 (1937).  I am intrigued by the note that these box cars were built from former gondola series 96000 built in 1926. The gondolas were in-service for about a decade and then some were used to build these box cars. Was this done under some Depression Program similar to what the B&O used to built their M-15 wagon-top box cars using M-15 fishbelly underframes? When that program ended the B&O built its wagon-tops as totally new cars (Class M-53).

I found photos of a A-1, but not of the original gondola.

Pictures of SAL 9028

 SAL 9028 (Box Car)


Can others supply additional information about these box cars?  It seems to be a good candidate for a resin kit especially since one of them has been preserved in a museum.

And this reply ...


SAL's 96099 is shown in figure 234 on page 223 of the 1931 CAR BUILDER'S CYCLOPEDIA. You will also find it in Gregg's TRAIN SHED CYCLOPEDIA No. 46. The car in question was class G7, a 41' 6" flat-bottom composite gondola with nine side stakes, a ribbed end with four wales, but no darts, and a slightly protruding end sill, same as the auto car conversion.

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Garth Groff

There maybe many other such conversions.

Bob Witt

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