Re: LNE Rolling Stock

John Sykes III

OK, more confusion.

One of the guys here sent me a nice photo of one of the LNE composite boxcars.  Photo was taken in early 1950's from the autos in the background.  Has an interesting round roof.  As best as I can decipher, it looks like it says BLT 6 - 14 and PA 5 - 23 on the side?????

Also, I am hitting a dead end on what I think is the last boxcars LNE purchased.  It is a small group of 8 boxcars following the PS1s in the number sequence.  Interior dimensions are the same as those listed for their PS1s but the external dimensions are slightly different.  Also, they are not in Ed Hawkins All-Time-List of 40' PS1 boxcars.  Any clues?

-- John

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