other gondola to box car rebuilds

Robert kirkham

Neither gons nor boxcars, but similar idea: the CPR converted 260 flat cars to auto-boxcars of the 296000-296102 and 296103 -- 296259 series; - re-building in July 1916 - February 1918, with IH: 9' 6"; IL: 40' 6". These are very old style looking double sheathed boxcars with fishbelly centre sills.

Rob Kirkham

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Eric Hansmann asks,

How many other lines were rebuilding gondolas into box cars in the 1920s?
Well, not a gon-to-box conversion but similar: in 1929, the B&M rebuilt 100 steel gondolas into their 29000 series pulp racks with two side doors. I have a bit of a writeup on them here:


Earl Tuson

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