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Nelson Moyer

Earl, there is a comprehensive article on the M-15k rebuild by George Toman in Prototype Railroad Modeling Volume 4 p.53-68, with both prototype and modeling photos including the underbody details. The book is available from Speedwitch Media. While the article doesn’t answer all of your questions, it shows you how to build a very accurate model of the M-15k.


Nelson Moyer


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Can anyone direct me to a source of a drawing of a B&O M-15 underframe? If not a complete drawing, can
anyone share some of the important dimensions and further information regarding the layout of the
brakes? I have the truck centers at 32' 2 3/4" (from the M-15k class diagram published in RPC #9,) but:
what is the depth of the center sill; what dimensions are the side sills (they appear to be a pressed steel Z?
About 10" in depth?,) and end sills (from photos, I'm estimating them to be a 12" rolled channel, offset 2"
upwards from the bottom of the side sills.) The crossbearers are set rather more widely than the door
posts, with the KC brake gear sitting between them with room to spare, although a brake lever bracket
mounted under the side sill suggests an atypical rigging. Rivets on the side sills also indicate three
crossties in all. Any help provided is much appreciated. Thank you,

Earl Tuson

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