[MFCL] NPRHA Gondola Decals Available

Tim O'Connor

Just FYI - vastly improved NP gondola decals

Northern Pacific HO Modelers,
Great news. The NPRHA Modeling Committee has released two new decal offerings, this time covering NP Gondolas. The decals are available at the NPRHA company store.
There two decal offerings, one for "from scratch" cars that need a full set of lettering for an "as built" car. This offering is enough to letter over 30 models, not bad for $17. And that includes postage.
The second offering is for later in the cars life - all the reweigh, lube, repaint, and renumbering lettering you could possibly need. Dresses up over 40 gondolas. This also includes unique stencils for service like Pulpwood loading, Wallace ore, and Duluth coal loading. This offering is a steal at $10, postage included.

But the best news is saved for last - these decals were printed by Cartograf in Bologna Italy, arguably the best decal printer in the world. Buy a set, apply to your models and compare to high-end pad printing. Same quality.

Extensive instructions on applying the decals can be found here:
http://www.nprha.org/Modeling/Forms/AllItems.aspx http://www.nprha.org/Modeling/Forms/AllItems.aspx
Find the article "Instructions - NPRHA Gondola Decals - 2017"

Get them while they are in stock,

NPRHA Modeling Committee

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