Re: Tankcar Steam Connections

Jim Betz

  Perhaps those rivets support the heating coils inside the car?

  So what temp did the contents have to get to "flow easily"?
  And how long did the car have to be hooked up to the steam
for it to come up to temperature?

  I've unloaded Bunker C (from a ship) and it wasn't hot so much
as "just warm" ... but it may have been considerably warmer
nearer the ship/in the hold of the ship (I was on the shore).  It
did flow into the tank on the hill - rather than "plop".
  We used the Bunker C in the cannery boiler - which powered
the entire cannery (12" overhead leather belts).  I do not
remember there being any heater in the tank on the hill but
there must have been because the run to the boiler was about
a football field in distance ... or maybe it was gravity fed?  (I
kind of doubt that.)

  I was in the cannery once when they started up the overhead
belt system ... there is an amazing amount of noise just from
those belts all running!  I'm pretty sure that there was only
one 'engine' in the cannery that powered the entire belt
system.  Don't remember hearing noise from that engine
(the belts were too loud).

  I'm certain that the ship pre-heated the oil before arriving at the
destination because there wasn't any waiting - just hook up and
start pumping.  Probably the ship (a "coastal oiler") kept the
contents heated continuously as it went from local port to local
- Jim B.

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