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A&Y Dave in MD


I'm guessing this is long, but for some reason I missed your post until now.  If you still have the info, I'd love to have it.  If not, oh well.



Thursday, October 26, 2017, 6:17:03 PM, you wrote:

Hi List Members,

I'm cleaning out some stuff I no longer need.

This is for PRR X29 boxcar fans, I have the following data pack... this includes the following set of articles cut from magazines for my library

* X29 Box Car by Hom part 1 and 2
*PRR X29 Modeling by Martin
*Pennsylvania X29 by Amerine and Freeman
*Cars in Context by Burg
*Essential Freight Cars 35 X29 by Culotta
*Pennsylvania Railroad X29 Box Cars by Hendrickson

It is time for someone else to enjoy.

Great reference on this topic.

It is free, I will put it in an envelope and mail it to you for the asking.

Email me OFF LIST at

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Claus Schlund

David Bott

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