WESTERFIELD MODELS Newsletter, Vol 6, No 4, Nov 2017


Hello Steam Era Modelers:

We are pleased to announce that Westerfield Models has a new Kit available:

Our newest HO Kit release is the #12400 Series USRA DS Express Box for Northwestern Pacific.  These 22 Express service cars were rebuilt from the 100 USRA DS box cars (#1900-1999) allocated to the NWP in 1919.  The cars were originally rebuilt into express service in 1939 (Westerfield Kit #3818) but the service was discontinued during WWII.  In April, 1949, the cars were rebuilt with passenger steam, signal and air lines, and passenger style low uncoupling levers and retainer.  They were repainted with the famous “Redwood Empire Route Overnight” lettering.  These cars were painted SP Dark Olive Green with black roof, underframe and trucks.   

Our #12400 Series ONE-PIECE Body Kits cover the 1949 version of the Express Service box car with NWP’s “Redwood Empire Route Overnight” lettering scheme as well as passenger style steam and signal lines.  This colorful lettering is accurately reproduced with our multi-color decal set.  

The 1939 NWP Express Service box car is also available as our Kit #3818.
The 1946-1960 Freight version box car is available as our Kit #3858.

Our unpainted HO Kits include detail parts appropriate for the NWP Express Service version, including the following details:
Improved Cast Urethane One-Piece Body Construction with Fine Details.
Urethane Castings of detail parts, including many car specific parts.
Plastic Steam, air and signal hoses.
Yarmouth Etched Bronze Corner Steps.
Full Color Proprietary Decals covering the 1949 Express Service versions of the car.
Detailed Step by Step Instructions and History Sheets with assembly and finished model photographs.
Recommended Trucks:  Tahoe Model Works TMW-112 or TMW-212 Andrews Trucks.
Tahoe TMW-112 (Code 110) or TMW-212 (Code 88) Andrews Trucks available separately or with Kit (See below).
Kadee Couplers are available separately.
Kit also includes a PDF file color photo of NWP #1960 with Express Lettering.  Email required.

They are available direct from Westerfield Models for $ 46.00 each plus shipping.  Available through our website, mailed in order form or phone order.
Most of our Kits do not include trucks or couplers.  We do offer Tahoe Trucks and Kadee Couplers for this Series of Kit and separately for our other Kits.  See the Kit versions listed below.  Operating Era for NWP Express Service box cars covered by #12400 Series Kits: 1949-1960.

#12451       USRA DS Box Car, Express Service, AB Brakes, NWP, Kit Only.                                                      $46.00
#12481       USRA DS Box Car, Express Service, AB Brk, NWP, with Tahoe TMW-112 Code 110 Trucks      $52.00
#12482       USRA DS Box Car, Express Service, AB Brk, NWP, with Tahoe TMW-212 Code 88 Trucks        $53.00

Please also see our Kits covering the earlier and later versions of the NWP box cars:
#3818         USRA DS Box Car, Original, K Brakes, NWP, Kit Only, Op Era 1918-1946.  Includes parts for early Express Service box cars.  $42.00
#3858         USRA DS Box Car, Modern, AB Brakes, NWP, Kit Only, Op Era 1946-1960.                                   $41.00
#3881         Above #3800 Series Kit with Tahoe #TMW-112 Code 110 Trucks.                                                 $48.00
#3882         Above #3800 Series Kit with Tahoe #TMW-212 Code 88 Trucks.                                                   $49.00

All of our Kits and the above listed Kits are available on our website: 

Our Recent Kit Releases:  S-40-1/2/3 Pressed Steel Underframe Stock Cars are also available in both single ($40) and double deck versions ($41).
#12500 Series S-40-1 Stock cars for UP and Subsidiaries.  Op Era:  1905-1951.  https://id18538.securedata.net/westerfieldmodels.com/merchantmanager/index.php?cPath=262_458

#12600 Series S-40-2 Stock Cars for SP and Subsidiaries and UP and Subsidiaries.  Op Era:  1906-1952.    https://id18538.securedata.net/westerfieldmodels.com/merchantmanager/index.php?cPath=262_462

#12700 Series S-40-3 Stock Cars for SP and Subsidiaries and UP and Subsidiaries.  Op Era:  1909-1955.  https://id18538.securedata.net/westerfieldmodels.com/merchantmanager/index.php?

Westerfield Models also still has available several highly accurate versions of the 36 foot Fowler Box and Stock cars.  Decals for all versions are also available on our website.
#1500 Series:  SS Fowler Box Car, 5 foot Door, CP and TH&B Versions:  https://id18538.securedata.net/westerfieldmodels.com/merchantmanager/index.php?cPath=100_374
#4200 Series:  Fowler Stock Car, 5 or 6 foot Door, CP, CN and NAR Versions:  https://id18538.securedata.net/westerfieldmodels.com/merchantmanager/index.php?cPath=130_282
#4300 Series:   SS Fowler Box Car, 6 foot Door, CN, Erie, Susquehanna, GT, NC&StL Versions:  https://id18538.securedata.net/westerfieldmodels.com/merchantmanager/index.php?

Westerfield Models is currently working on our next Kit Series:  #12800:  B-50-15 SS Box Car, Modern, SP and Subsidiaries, Op Era:  1937-1974.
Watch for future Newsletters about the release of this Kit Series.

Westerfield Kits include new HO scale unpainted urethane castings, and are complete with quality details, detailed instruction/history sheets 
and proprietary decals covering all versions of the prototype car.   Trucks and couplers are not included but are available separately. 

Westerfield Models is available for custom casting work.  We can make castings from your patterns, both from your custom masters or your 3D printed masters.  Please see our Website, Main Page "Custom Castings" for more information.  Link to page:  http://westerfieldmodels.com/116622.html

Westerfield Models now has a Facebook and YouTube page where we post photos and videos of our new projects and Modelers photos of completed or in process Westerfield Model Freight cars.
Please send us your photos and videos of your completed or in process Westerfield Model Kits, along with a description of your work, details used, painting methods, etc.
Please send to our email:  westerfieldmodels@....
Check out our Facebook page here:  https://www.facebook.com/westerfieldmodels/         
If on Facebook, you can use:            @westerfieldmodels.
Questions or Suggestions?  Feel free to email us at:  westerfieldmodels@....
Thank you,
Andrew Dahm
Westerfield Models, LLC
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