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Bryian Sones


The Redcaboose car closer represents the B-50-19 and B-50-21 classes but simply lacking those loosely applied alt rivets I metioned. Just squint a little or look at it from a distance and it's fine :-)
Red caboose printed the same car as a B-50-21 and B-50-27 but I don't think there were ever any runs made by red caboose where they re-casted the car to closer resemble the cb-50-27 class. Also the underframe is not even close to the B-50-27 prototype (welded underframe). If you want to use the Red caboose car I would just re-number the car and change the class markings to represent a B-50-21.  If you look at the main panel rivets on the B-50-27 and the B-50-21 they are quite different. Also the B-50-27 has the Alternating Center Rivets (ACR). For the B-50-27 I would defiantly use the Marklin Car to represent this class and also the B-50-24 class. Marklin printed the car in the Overland Route Paint scheme as a B-50-24. Again you would need to change the roof and Speedwitch Media (Ted Colutta) sells the correct underframe and decals if you want to make the car even more prototypical.  

Bryian Sones
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Thanks, guys, for the assistance. My Red Caboose car is 190647, class B-50-27. Ed Hawkins' data on the Steam Era Freight Cars site provided much of the needed detail info, including that this class had the ACR pattern.

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