Re: UP Boxcar Paint and Lettering


I have several of the Marklin/Trix cars on my layout.   They have the original roofs, but only because I feel that I don't have the skill to replace them successfully.   I removed the large, 20" UNION PACIFICs because the O is round and not oval, and replaced them with Champs lettering (which I had the forethought to order before Champ closed up!).  Other than the round "O", the lettering and paint are quite good.

As was mentioned above, Speedwitch has a resin kit for a 100% accurate underbody on these cars.   But to save time and money, I used the Accurail underframe.   Not correct, but it a) goes together in about 5 minutes if you don't hurry, b) only costs five bucks, and c) fits perfectly.    Looks nice on the track as well.   You can also get a steel weight on the same order if you need it.

Steve Kay

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