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I believe the NYO&W did the same thing with their normal FTs (a drawbar tender)

Brian Ehni
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GN did the even/odd thing with their 4 unit FT's. Even numbers had couplers between their B units, odd numbers were fully drawbarred. And about 10 feet shorter, overall.
There were two types of FT B units; the 'regular' and by far the most common is what came as the drawbarred A/B sets (we won't discuss the ATSF units and their couplers which were the same length as these B units). These B units had an overhang on the coupler end. There were also FTSB or Short B units; these were about 4' shorter, all missing the overhang. They were delivered in drawbarred A-SB-A sets (exception - the four A-B-B-A sets to the Southern) couplers on the B units. Rock Island, DL&W, GN, MT&StL and Southern were the buyers of the FTSB. Some of the roads reconfigured their sets; the DL&W made up A-SB-SB-A sets with all drawbarred. I suspect the GN did the same at some point.

And to prove that there is a prototype for everything if one looks hard enough...the DL&W realized that if one of the A units on their 4 A-SB-A sets that they in effect lost the full set of locomotives. To that end, they took the tender from a retired steam loco which of course has a draw bar on one end and a coupler on the other. The tender had sheet metal added to match the roof contours of the diesels, and thus allowed the railroad to operate the 'good' 2,700 hp worth of A-SB power. And thus, one had what many of us had early in our model railroad lives....a coupler adapter car. And it allowed the DL&W to pull their Steam Era Freight Cars.

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