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Bryian Sones

For those of you planning to use the U.P Marklin/Trix Boxcars that represent the B-24 and B-50-27 classes for the U.P.  and might be unaware, the car body matches the prototype all but the roof and the floor. Pay close attention to the Slogan placement on these cars and the gothic lettered cars. There are several Marklin/Trix cars that have the slogans on the wrong side and the Gothic "O" may be incorrect. I'm not sure if Marklin ever corrected this in later runs but I know I had to re-decal some of my cars several years ago.    

Bryian Sones
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While I won't debate Tony Thompson's words regarding the law, UP has continued to put the Overland Banner Medallion on a very few boxcars every few years up until at least a decade ago.  I don't keep track of contemporary railroading very well.

I would also remind readers of this list that my clinic from seven years ago about UP Freight Car Painting & Lettering is on my SmugMug site at:

While I do not mention the Overland Banner trademark protection medallions in that clinic because they are so rare, there is plenty of info about common UP painting and lettering practices that may be of interest to all readers of this group.

I plan to give an updated version of that clinic at RPM Chicagoland 2018.

Hope you all have a Happy Thanksgiving,
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