P&WV hopper lettering - was Gondola Load: What Is It?

Eric Hansmann

Thanks for pointing out these images, Charlie. A few Pre-Depression Era modelers find images like these and share with each other but we forget where we found the originals. The Reading gon is interesting as it still wears mid-1920s style lettering with the hardware inventory on the right side of the car. A 1937 date means these have not been repainted in about a decade.

Another image in that string reveals P&WV hoppers with original early-to-mid 1920s lettering. These are on the RIP track with many other hoppers that may be in the rebuilding process. Here's the image.


A few hoppers on the right have the full road name lettering across the top of the car side. I knew the long road name was applied in the early 1920s but did not know how long the lettering style was used.  

Eric Hansmann

Murfreesboro, TN

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This is an insurance photo for a shifted load at Avella Pa, on the P&WV , on March 27th 1937, per the P&WV Hiline website. There are two gons involved and I would say the shifted loads are most likely steel, not aluminum. Here are some links:


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