Re: Gondola Load: What Is It?

Guy Wilber

Charlie wrote:

“This is an insurance photo for a shifted load at Avella Pa, on the P&WV , on March 27th 1937, per the P&WV Hiline website.”

Charlie, my old neighbor,

The photos were obviously taken to document the shifted load, but the damage claim was more likely settled by the railroad(s) involved in the haul than any insurance company.

I’ve never seen reference to an insurance company within the ARA/AAR Freight Claim Division’s Proceedings or Arbitration Cases, but I am open to factual information regarding this, or any other freight claim.

There was no specific AAR loading practice for steel coils (circa 1937), but these loads are similar to boilers or large sections of pipe positioned vertically in gondolas. Note also, the steel strapping which was much more common during the era than generally believed.

The road accepting such loads (for interchange) would have been held accountable for the damage irrespective of the deficiencies of the loading and securement practices.


Guy Wilber
Reno, Nevada

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