Re: FT B units was Soo Line double door Even Car Numbers Only

Frank Pearsall

Good afternoon:

I have never seen anything like that in any and all of my old Ontario & Western Technical & Historical Society and/or the Ontario & Western Railway Historical Society publications. What you might be thinking of is the O&W did have two passenger service heater cars, HT-1 and HT-2 converted from Y class tenders. I have seen a color picture of one hooked up behind FT, No. 803.

As far as I know, HT-1 was destroyed around 1970; HT-2 went to the Fernwood, Columbia & Gulf in Fernwood, Miss. (that information was the last I heard in 1990).

Frank Pearsall
Brevard, N.C.

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Not to say that it didn't happen (never say never etc) but I've not seen any evidence of, or read reports of that happening on the O&W...and I do model O&W.

Craig Zeni
Cary NC

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1a. Re: FT B units was Soo Line double door Even Car Numbers Only
Posted by: "Brian Ehni" bpehni@... brianehni
Date: Wed Nov 22, 2017 5:23 pm ((PST))

I believe the NYO&W did the same thing with their normal FTs (a drawbar tender)

Brian Ehni

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