Re: B&O 3086 hopper

Jack Mullen

No, I wouldn't. Would you?

It has 9 panel sides, (or 7 if you just count the full height panels between body bolsters. a convention which I find confusing), vs 8 on a USRA car. USRA hoppers have a post at the center, where this car just has a rivet line showing internal bracing in line with the crossridge.

It has end sills protruding beyond the end posts, in common with most pre-USRA hopper car designs. Use of a relatively light angle section  end sill located above the top of the center sill, instead of the heavier channel section sills found on most earlier hoppers is a significant structural improvement found on USRA hoppers.

If I'm reading correctly, the cubic capy is 1888, close, but not quite a match to the USRA 1880.

Further, I try to avoid using the term "clone" in this context. The term doesn't seem to have consistent usage in the railfan/modeler world, so the intended meaning isn't clearly conveyed. YMMV.

Jack Mullen

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