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Rio Grande Models Ltd. makes kits for HO and HOn3 dump cars that are similar in size to the old MEW cars, which, while they could dump, were heavy.
These are models of cars that were state of the art in the first decade of the Twentieth Century but were undersized by the 1920s. In 1958 you could still find a few on short lines.
They were mostly used in railroad construction for hauling dirt dug from cuts to the nearest temporary trestle, where the dirt was unloaded to fill in the trestle to make an embankment. These trains usually were ten or more cars.
They were also seen in ditching trains, usually in pairs, one at each end of a flat car holding an American Ditcher, which was later replaced with a crawler crane. Because of the limited "reach" of the ditcher, they persisted longer in that service then they did for bank-building.
John C. La Rue, Jr.
Bonita Springs, FL

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Overland made an Austin Western 30yd dump car.

And I don't recall the MEW cars as being all THAT crude.  And they DID tip properly.


Edward Sutorik

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