Shake_N_TAKE 2018

Greg Martin

Hey Yuze Gize,

The delay in the SHAKE-N-TAKE is only because I am not presenting SHAKE-N-TAKE at Prototype Rails 2018, Schuyler Larrabee will be presenting this years SHAKE-N-TAKE and he is out of town.

Do I know the subject for 2018? Yes. Am I going to tell? NO. One member I know will say, "it sexy..."

I do know there are 36 slots to fill and we will, as is traditional, keep 10 slots open for those that arrive on Friday at registration. DO NOT request a slot through registration prior to the event or through emails with Mike Brock. Contact Schuyler Larrabee direct, he will maintain the list. If you don't plan to be there don't ask for a kit, you will not get it.

Will there be aftermarket parts, I can't speak for Schuyler he will let us all know.

Keep 'um Polished

Greg Martin

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