Re: 2018 Shake'n'Take sign up

Larry Sexton


Please sign me up for the 2018 Shake'n Take. Thank much.

Larry Sexton
---- "'Schuyler Larrabee' [STMFC]" <> wrote:

OK, the signup for the 2018 Shake'n'Take is open,
a day earlier than I anticipated doing this since
Greg sent out his "I'm not doing it, Schuyler is"

The car is an ERIE 95000 series 40' double door
box car. Built 1941-42. I've been working from
the ACF drawings obtained from the St. Louis
Museum of Transportation Library with the help of
Ed Hawkins. There are photos available on George
Elwood's Fallen Flags web site, so you can see
what a handsome car you'll end up with. (OK, I'm
an ERIE fan, you thought I'd say something else?)

These cars were, when built, decorated with the
small ERIE diamond, black roof and ends, but
shortly after they were built, they were
repainted, probably all in box car red, with the
6' ERIE diamond. They served on the ERIE until in
the late 50s (I believe) and some of them were
reconditioned (though it's hard to see what was
done) and bought by the Northern Pacific.

Most of the work on this model involves the
underframe, as the underframe that comes with the
donated kit is simply wrong. But there are
revised side sills and roof walk to see on the top
side of the car.

We have good luck with donated parts for this car,
and many of the parts will be included in the box
I'll be handing out. The list of firms and people
who've donated and helped out is long. Some
custom parts will be available from the makers
after January, but most will have to be located by
the modelers not signing up for the Cocoa Beach
Shake'n'Take event.

As of right now. 9:14 PM Monday, I have 19
requests to participate. I have 36 kits to hand
out, and as Greg's done in the past, ten are
reserved for people at Cocoa Beach. That leaves
seven open slots.

Please reply to this address. I don't see email
to this address until later in the day, generally
after 700 PM, so I will take the next seven emails
in order. I'll send you back a confirmation when
I get this list together.

I should mention that I have a close friend in the
hospital at the moment, so I may not get to things
as quickly as I might. Please be patient.



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