Re: Index to 1948 Industry Map of San Francisco

Ted Schnepf

Hi Garth,

Shippers guides were used by almost all railroad traffic departments as a way of increasing on line and off line carloads and industrial development.  As a traffic department advertising brochure, they were printed by the hundreds and thousands.

We are all fortunate that some copies have survived and can be used for historical research and prototype freight car way billing.  On the WP issue there are at least two originals and maybe more in ephemera collections.


At 03:09 AM 11/24/2017, you wrote:

John and Friends,

The original of this document is held by the California State Railroad Museum, which photocopied the book for me a number of years ago. It was $60 or so well spent, as it is a treasure to which I have referred many times.

Recently I saw reproductions of CIRCULAR 167-E listed for sale at . While I am not offering an endorsement or criticism of Rail Sun Unlimited, and think we should support the CSRM, the price is very attractive.

Yours Aye,

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