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Santa Fe inherited some 26’ 20 cubic yard by Western Wheeled Scraper built in 1910, 1912, and 1913 from the Orient and the CO&W.

They had another group of 100 30’ 20 yard WWS built in 1924 (all had 4 dump cylinders)

Another 100 30 yard built in 1924 by Clark Car Co (the W&R model)

100 35’ 30 cu. yard Magor built in 1928. (Also by W&R in HO brass)

They had no new ones until 1956 with the purchase of 50 35’ 30 cu yd. Magor. , 1958 25 more and 1959 15 more.


I have acquired one of the Clark W&R cars and seek more of that and the 1928 Magor at an affordable price.

Plans and lots of photos of the Magor are readily available and would make a good Shapeways project.

Overland produced a model of a Paccar dump car that I see from time to time in the $125-175 range. It closely resembles the Magor of 1956

The Walthers is a Difco, 50 yard, about 1964-65 best I can tell

Rio Grand Models did a 12 yard Western Wheeled Scraper model.

The Car Works did a brass Western 20 yard car which is possibly like the ones ATSF inherited – no photos are known to exist in ATSF paint.

J. Stephen Sandifer


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Model Engineering Works used to produce a dump car. Here’s a photo. 


Eric Hansmann

Murfreesboro, TN


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Hi Richard,

  W&R Enterprises made two types in brass that were available years ago, one was a Clark Car Co. 30 cu yd side dump ( I'm using it for B&O) and one was a Magor side dump (I'm using this one for AC&Y). The Car Works Co. also produced an all wood and all steel version of the Western 20 yd air dump in brass. Its been a long time since I've seen any of these cars offered on the secondary market. A zamac side dump was made in the 50's or 60's but the manufacturer escapes me and it was pretty crude by today's standards. It would be nice if one of the resin manufacturers would offer some of these cars.

Bob Weston


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