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Brian Termunde

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Date: Wed Nov 29, 2017 3:22 pm ((PST))

They may tell you there is a charge for Parking and WIFI. Remind them you are part of the group—AGAIN—and that those things are complimentary. Corporate America at it best. 

Bill Welch 


As a one who is in his 3rd Decade in the hospitality business, I don't appreciate your little comment.

We ARE in the the hospitality business, and we try to take care of all of guests, even the few who treat us like crap (had three of those yesterday, and one so far today), to the best of our ability.

Having worked at various properties ranging from the El Tovar at the Grand Canyon to my present position at a 64 room property, I've rarely seen anyone deliberately cheat our guests. I cannot say the same of a small segment of our guests however. We just at one who demanded a compete refund because, allegedly, we didn't have tea available at 3am, and no, they didn't bother to ask our Night Auditor for any - not that we've EVER been out of tea! They felt a complete refund was the only satisfaction that would remedy such a horrendous breach of guest service!  

Dealing with so many people, one gets used to saying the same thing to attempt to cover all bases, and all too often the cry of "You NEVER told me THAT!" is heard. So since parking is normally a charge at properties like CB, and a couple of ones I worked at, it's perfectly natural for one to mention that. I catch myself saying Room and TAX when dealing with a person who is exempt from taxes. It just rolls off of ones tongue, sorry, we are only human, even when we're not treated as such.

One other thing, occasionally one department or another might have a miscommunication or certain information, such as comp parking and WiFi, might not, for many reasons, may not make it to say, the reservation department, or Front Desk from the sale and catering people (as an example). Likewise, as at our property, things like WiFi AUTOMATICALLY post, and the Front Desk must manually adjust those charges. Occasionally we miss one, but we're always happy to take care of it when it's brought to our attention. Needless to say, generally a simple comment or inquiry to the Reservation Agent or Front Desk staff will take care of things. If they don't have that information, it's usually a quick call to the Sale or Catering Rep and it's all taken care of.

Actually, I have experienced more cases where members of an organization have been misinformed that parking or certain other amenities are to be comp'd when they are not. For instance, a group block of 175 rooms is required (I am making up numbers here as an example) to trigger certain amenities, but the group only books 12 rooms. No where near the required level! So no amenities.

I would also remind members of the group, there is NO such thing as free! Parking, breakfast, WiFi, meeting rooms, A/V, whatever. The venues cover those costs by the revenues generated by the group via rooms, meals and bar revenues (minimal at best on that one, surprisingly enough).

Sorry, but as a long time Hospitality Professional, I had to reply to your comment.

Brian R. Termunde
Midvale, Utah

P.S. While we do not have any Steam Era Freight Cars at our property, we used to have a steam era diesel . . . well, a photo of a former P&G Alco Switcher that's on the the Whitewater tourist line in Indiana, IIRC. We used to, now it's hanging in my apartment!

P.P.S. Perhaps one day I'll make it to this event. It sounds great!

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