Re: Hotel rates at Prototype Rails 2018

Robert J. Amsler, Jr.



I run the NMRA national conventions.  Making our hotel room obligations gets us the meeting rooms for free. Computers, microphones, projectors all come out of registration.  Some hotels require union electricians hook up the AV every day and store it each night.  Making your room night obligation makes a convention affordable.  Don’t make it and you will pay for the meeting space.


So using the convention hotel makes the convention possible.


Bob Amsler

Saint Louis, Missouri


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You've got to be joking. Folks who can afford the high life calling those
with limited means "subversive". Nice. Chicagoland charged me $99 just to
attend - I assume 300 people @ $99 probably covered the meeting rooms. Not
to mention table rentals.

Tim O'Connor

>Outstanding way to undermine Prototype Rails organizers by keeping event hotel Room Occupancy down. Anyone that has ever organized an event with a hotel will understand this subversive activity.
>Bill Welch

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