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I took a photo of ACY 3024 in San Diego circa 1977, probably on its way to the museum in Campo or being stored for later movement. If anyone needs same, I will share an e-version. PLEASE CONTACT ME OFF-LIST (I will not respond unless the request is off-list).

I wondered why this car was there. Now I know. Thanks much, Eric.

Yours Aye,

Garth Groff

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Tim, Scott, Eric...

Yes, there were two additional series that had wood ends, similar or identical side patterns, and the same internal dimensions :

AC&Y 3000-3149 wood ends with 4 posts, leased 3-1941, but delivery extended through war reaching 149 as 3001-3149 by 7-1945. Lease renewed 2-1963, 15 active in 1-1970, and #3142, last active car retired 10-1971. Five cars reside at Mid-Continent: #3011, 3016, 3048, 3061, 3081, and one, #3024, at Pacific Southwest Railroad Musem, Campo, CA.

AC&Y 3175-3199 wood ends with 4 posts, renumbered 1959 from MRS 8000-8024? This is circumstantial based on ORER counts and dimensions. Lease renewal 2-1963. 19 cars active 7-1965, 1 in 1-1970, gone by 7-1970.

Eric Lombard
Homewood, IL

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Nevermind. I just found Eric Lombard’s latest post on this matter.


And so it goes.



Eric Hansmann

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Has anyone referenced an ORER from this time frame to determine if these AC&Y cars are Mather owned? Check the notes of the AC&Y entry for repair instructions and/or billing.



Eric Hansmann

Murfreesboro, TN



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I have a photo scan from Soph Marty (deceased) of ACY #3003, which appears to be
an identical car except that it has wood ends. Were some cars from the #3003 "series"
rebuilt and renumbered as 3150-3174?

Also found these scans from Ebay: #3044, #3075, #3086. All of them match #3003 in
design. Some photos are late 1950's so they do overlap 3150-3174.

Tim O'Connor

 Good Morning, Scott...
 My resources indicate this car, AC&Y 3152, is as you first suspected, is a Mather car and is
 out of AC&Y 3150-3174, 25 cars, leased 1954. The lease was renewed in Feb. 1962. In Jan. 1970
 there were 10 cars in service and the last, #3153, was retired Oct. 1971. Two cars, #3151, 3161,
 were donated to the Mid-Continent Railway Museum, North Freedom, WI. By 2016 they were being used
 as storage sheds at that location. I agree, amalgam of Improved Dreadnaught ends coupled a
 single-wood-sheathed construction and a unique post and brace pattern are indeed "Wonky".

Eric Lombard

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