Re: B&O 3086 hopper

Jim Mischke

I have this photo, it was taken by the late Paul Dunn in his hometown Zanesville, Ohio during 1955.  Car is a leased CNJ nine panel ribbed twin hopper, freshly repainted in B&O lettering.  Billboard "B&O" with large ampersand was superseded that year by a small ampersand.

This car was in the second leased CNJ hopper group, from 1955-1961.  Lease lasted about five years, all cars returned to CNJ by late 1961.  The lease was five years long, it took time to locate and pull them all from B&O service, some cars straggled on B&O property for a little longer than five years due to these logistics.   Some returned hoppers were relettered CNJ and returned to service, most not due to age and condition.

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