Re: CA Wine in NY (was "TW" reefer designation)

Jeff English

Richard Hendrickson <> wrote:

Small quantities of Calif. wine are still
shipped in bulk to some east coast wineries, notably in upstate New York
where (despite all the promotional hype for Finger Lakes wines) the summer
is too short to bring up the sugar in the grapes so their wines are
blended with California wines to make them palatable.
AFAIK, the only NY wineries that bring in CA wine are the
larger corporate operations such as Taylor. There is a
considerable wine industry in four regions* of NY which consists
primarily of small, family-operated wineries that produce estate-
bottled wines of varieties that lend themselves to the climatic
conditions. If you can look that far down your nose, Richard, you
might actually find some of these acceptable if not wildly fabulous.
Unfortunately for freight car content, probably none of this NY
wine ever moves by rail, unless in individual shipments in UPS
trailers on intermodal flat cars.

* In addition to the Finger Lakes (where Taylor got their start, and
Walter S. #$&^*^ still makes wine in his interpretation of that
family's tradition, under the Bully Hill label), the other regions of NY
that are known for producing good, award-winning wines are Long
Island, the Hudson Valley and Chautauqua (shore of Lake Erie).

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