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Allan Smith

The AAR recommended practice for 1944 was to install or replace wood running boards with steel, do to wear and rot. Beginning in 1944 The Santa Fe installed metal running boards on the Rr-35 class reefers being built. It is possible to assume that steel running boards would have been installed on cars that came into the shops for running board replacement if metal running boards were available. Do to war production metal running boards were in short supply, and didn't become readily available until after the war, so shopped cars could have received wood boards. It is possible that as cars were shopped for repairs and repainting the maps with S&T that some of them could have had the running boards replaced. S&T came out in 1947.
If your car has a rebuilt or repair date after 1944 you may have a valid car number.

Al Smith
Sonora CA

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I recently picked up an etched 
Transco running board for a Santa Fe Rr32 reefer. When these cars were initially rebuilt they came with a wood running board.  Does anyone know when the wood might have been replaced?

Thanks in advance:

Bill Psrdie

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