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While we are on the topic of GCX tankers, Did they have any that are of the 8,000 gallon variety that can be modeled using the Tangent car?

Rich Christie

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Yes, but the car in question has an ACF style underframe and a rather prominent double line of something at mid tank.  What is the source of the GATC information?
In the January 1938 ORER, GCX has more than 600 acid tank cars.  Only two ranges have the first digit of the car number as a 5
5010-5016    7 cars recently added
5100-5299    200 cars
both list a weight capacity of 50 tons.  Perhaps those 200 cars were not one common design, but came from multiple sources.
I love a good mystery...
Steve Hile

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Yes, I also thought it read GCX 52xx ... I have a photo of GCX 5214 with the
GATC builder information I posted earlier. But 5214 is riveted, so if Ed's correct
about the welded tank (103AW instead of 103A), then it's from another order.

Reporting mark is GCX  ( number not readable)  General Chemical Division, Allied Chemical and Dye Corporation.
Car is equipped with National B trucks.  A representative car number that conforms to the car configuration in the photo and equipped with a dome platform is 5254 built by GATC assigned to muriatic acid service.

Steve Peery

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