Re: LNE Boxcars

James Brewer


I have a copy of Freight Car Journal Monograph #18, The Lehigh and New England Railroad Freight Car Diagram Book, by Eric Neubauer.  On page 5 he states "...Some steel cars were repainted black around 1950 with large 'LNE' initials and a white stripe at the bottom of the car side.  Cars rebuilt with reinforced side sills were also black, but lacked the stripe. By 1956, cars were again being painted entirely brown (box car red) without large initials.  The brown paint scheme was used on the PS-1's, but with black ends."

Hope this helps.

Jim Brewer
Glenwood MD

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First, I will not make it to Cocoa Beach in January -- business commitments take precedence.

On another subject, does anyone here know when LNE switched from boxcar red to black on their boxcars?  Also, did they starting adding the billboard "LNE" at the same time?  I am thinking 1957 or so but am just guessing.

-- John

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