Re: Paint scheme

Todd Sullivan

Hi Jared,

I'm fairly certain that the GN's boxcar colors in 1943 were Mineral Red sides and underframe, trucks, etc., and black roof and ends.  Westerfield's painting instructions for their GN DS trussrod boxcars says Roof Brown sides, Black roof and ends, and "boxcar red" underframe and trucks. 

However, Floquil's Roof Brown is really brown with almost no red tint to it, and there's a photo in the Morning Sun book, "Pennsy Steam Years [Volume] 1" on page 91 that has a newly painted GN DS trussrod boxcar in it that is clearly much more red than Floquil Roof Brown.  From that photo, it looks much more like Mineral Red sides and perhaps a browner 'boxcar red' for the underframe and trucks - the underbody color is a bit harder to tell.  The other colors in the photo (locos, buildings, track, signal lights) seem pretty close to reality, so I doubt there's much color shift in the photo.

I hope this helps, and I hope other GN experts chime in.

Todd Sullivan

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