Re: Data for Wine Commodity Flows

Tim O'Connor


Wonderful stuff - one major oddity however. You wrote

  "In 1957 there were about 62.7 million carloads reported by the Class 1
   carriers in the FCS."

Carloadings in the 1950's were approximately "30 million loads per year"
and were steadily trending downwards. (Higher at the beginning of the decade
than at the end.)
What is the FCS and why the huge variance with car load
statistics of the AAR? Or is it a multi-year statistic?

Tim O'Connor

Tony Thompson's talk at RPM Chicagoland this last October got me interested in rail shipments of wine.  I've compiled a bunch of data, and am documenting the wine commodity flow in the late steam era (1950 through 1960) in a series of blog posts, trying to take the topic from raw prototype data to completing a reasonable replica of this traffic flow on my layout setting.  Those interested can find the first two parts here:


http ://

Part 1 discusses the national statistics (car types, weights, and line haul distances), and Part 2 discusses the state-to-state distributions.


Charles Hostetler
Washington Ill.

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