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Claus Schlund \(HGM\)

Hi Charles,
While I have no interest nor intention to model wine movements, the blog posts and your approach to the analysis were indeed a very interesting read – thanks!
Claus Schlund
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Hello Group,

Tony Thompson's talk at RPM Chicagoland this last October got me interested in rail shipments of wine.  I've compiled a bunch of data, and am documenting the wine commodity flow in the late steam era (1950 through 1960) in a series of blog posts, trying to take the topic from raw prototype data to completing a reasonable replica of this traffic flow on my layout setting.  Those interested can find the first two parts here:




Part 1 discusses the national statistics (car types, weights, and line haul distances), and Part 2 discusses the state-to-state distributions. 




Charles Hostetler

Washington Ill.

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