Re: Adhesive for Plano Roof Walks

Brent Greer

Is there a brand name for canopy glue that you prefer?  I've never used it before and my local hobby store owner gave me a puzzled blank stare when I attempted to enquire about it with him.


Dr. J. Brent Greer

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Canopy glue, best by far. CA will eventually let loose with expansion and contraction, canopy glue will stay glued, it's flexible. Voice of experience.
Tony Thompson 

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Looking for counsel . . .


A couple of securements:

Roofwalk to car

Latitudinals to brass subframe

Subframe to roofwalk


Plano recommends CA.  I’ve heard (read) that some prefer canopy glue.  I have tried tinning the brass subframes and then attempting to solder on the latitudinals, without notable success.  Stainless doesn’t like to be soldered to, apparently, unless I should use a different flux.  (?)


Recommendations welcome.




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