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Marty McGuirk


When we were having lots of issues with etched metal running boards and locomotive grills popping off due to extreme temperature shifts in shipping product back in my days at Intermountain we determined that Pacer Formula 560 offered an idea solution.

It's readily available from shops that specialize in model airplanes, but is also available from places like FOS Scale Models since craftsman structure kit builders use this stuff as an adhesive (it's ideal for gluing wood parts together) and as a clear window glazing (in larger areas it dries clear and shiny looking like window glass)

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Thanks Ben ! (and Tony !!)


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Brent Greer asked:
"Is there a brand name for canopy glue that you prefer?  I've never used it before and my local hobby store owner gave me a puzzled blank stare when I attempted to enquire about it with him."

Tony's blog post on canopy glue, including several brands:

Your local hobby shop must not do any scale aircraft modeling business, as this product is geared specifically for that application (hence the name "canopy glue".

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