Re: Adhesive for Plano Roof Walks

Andy Miller


As you know, I have been experimenting with UV sensitive glue for a few
weeks now and it has been fantastic in most applications. While I haven't
tried it for running boards, it seems that it would be ideal. It is clear
and viscous, so unlike ACC it won't be sucked up into all the little spaces.
You could put a small amount on the supports and the position the running
board. It will stay tacky forever until you shine the UV light on it. Then
it "freezes" in 3 second and forms an incredibly strong bond.

BTW The one case where UV sensitive glue does not work is in joining broad
areas. The UV light never gets deep into the depths of the bradly glued
area to set the glue. The glue only sets around the edge of the glued area
leaving the inner cement still uncured.

Andy Miller

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Looking for counsel . . .

A couple of securements:

Roofwalk to car

Latitudinals to brass subframe

Subframe to roofwalk

Plano recommends CA. I've heard (read) that some prefer canopy glue. I
have tried tinning the brass subframes and then attempting to solder on the
latitudinals, without notable success. Stainless doesn't like to be
soldered to, apparently, unless I should use a different flux. (?)

Recommendations welcome.


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