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Bryian Sones


You can get it at Walmart too for about the same price. I just bought a bottle last month here in Murrieta.

Bryian Sones
Union Pacific Prototype Modeler
Murrieta, CA.

On Tuesday, December 19, 2017 8:53 PM, "Andy Carlson midcentury@... [STMFC]"

Future, another multi-useful product, from Johnson & Johnson, has had its virtues espoused from many areas, aircraft, military, plastic auto modelers and an ever increasing number of RR modelers. For years it was known simply as "Future Floor finish", about 5 years ago its name was changed to "Pledge, with Future", Well, too much future brings us to the present; the current name is "Pledge Floor Care". No mention at all of future. It is identified by the very clear contents in a clear bottle. Today I found a source for this acrylic clear Pledge at a local Coast Hardware store after an on and off again search. Non of the large Super Markets in our area carried it, nor any of the big box lumber stores that I searched.

At $7.49 for a 27 ounce bottle, the cost works out to $0.27 per ounce, which is much less expensive than any of the hobby gloss clears. An older web site, which is still active, runs down a lot of information on the many uses for future. <>

.Similar to advocates for two different projects used for running board affixing, Future has its proponents and detractors. I personally want to try to decant the clear from a jar of Testors flat coat and use the flattening talcs to add to future to make a flat clear coating. I see some folks suggest glueing canopies to model aircraft with Future, though I doubt too many folks will go to this method seeing the great results achieved with canopy glue. A fellow modeler at the Chicago RPM meet told me he uses an undercoat of Future on bare plastic before applying Archer rivets.

Anyhow, another time tested product for assisting in the building of freight car models.

-Andy Carlson
Ojai CA

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