Re: Lackawanna steam film with sound - 1929

william darnaby

There is even more if you go to YouTube and look for Speed Graphic Film and Video. This material was published just in the last few days. I stumbled across a lot of NYC material from the University of South Carolina MIRC collection where the Lackawanna film came from. When there is nothing on TV there is always something on YouTube.

Bill Darnaby

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The second video is of the B&M on the end west of Greenfield Mass toward the Hoosac Tunnel. I think the curve shot is at Zoar Curve headed east along the Deerfield River which was a favorite place for the B&M to photograph new equipment. And the Berkshires shown in the film were certainly new at the time. In the out takes clips there are other clips of the new Berkshires as well as lots of other fun bits.

Maynard Stowe

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Must have been a buzz for the guy crossing the tracks @ 1:20 + ;-)

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I saw a nice video on firing locomotives (on YouTube) produced by a British railroad. Advice given was that a light gray smoke showed a good balance of fuel and air. The first half of the film seemed to reflect that advice.

I spent a little more time on the site after viewing the film that Todd linked to. Here’s another that is an even better fit for this list; lots of STMFC rolling by the camera. Box cars, reefers, tanks, hoppers and other. Photos are one thing; seeing them in motion is fascinating.


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