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There is no good Pantone color for C&O Enchantment Blue . . . need DuPont code from Mr Rust.

Al Kresse

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While exploring the ArtPrimo site ( ) I discovered that there are Pantone conversion charts for the various brands of art-quality spray paints they sell. Neat! As a can user, I would be interested in these paints for models rather than just the various oxide red primers sold at auto and hardware stores. That is, if I could match them to prototype freight car paints.

Has anyone ever compiled or discovered a Pantone list for common prototype paints used by various freight car builders or railroads themselves? I realize this would be a vast list, but certain paints used by say AC&F or Pullman, and on  Boles drift cards, are know by their brand names. Pat Wilder's article in RPC 3 on boxcar painting gives us mixes for 62 of these using the standard model paints available in 1999 (now sadly out of date due to discontinuances).

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