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My paint booth is similar to yours and is also by Artograph and is 15 years old. A year or so back, I had a local sheet metal shop use the cardboard top (which was getting a bit tattered and paint covered) as a template to create one out of metal. I had the shop keep a tongue of metal at the top to cut down the size of the opening a bit, and that tongue also provided a mount for an LED lighting kit. I used an LED light bar with the same 6000K rating as my desk lamp and my layout lighting.  This ensures that all my painting and weathering looks the same on my layout as it does on my workbench or in the paint booth.  I have it vented to the old dryer vent in my basement (we had to add a second vent for the stackable washer dryer -- bonus to me!).  Mine sits up on an old dresser that stores my airbrushes, paints, and other supplies.  The compressor sits behind the dresser and is connected with my booth and light to a powerstrip, so one switch on and off for all.


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I use the large booth by Artograph, Model 1530. It has easily replaceable filter elements. Big work area 15” x 30”. Good downdraft. A little pricey but will last forever. I have had mine for about 8 years.


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