Re: Pantone Numbers for Railroad Paints

Greg Martin

Tony and I often conflict on the subject of paint, but I most certainly agree with Tony on this little snippet, and we all said AMEN!

Munsell for paint and Pantone for ink, where it regards printed material on some form of paper.

Munsell has a huge catalog and Pantone not so much so. And for heavens sakes don't forget RAL.  I have always liked working with folks that appreciate and eye for color and how it works like Bill Schneider...  and its finished coat (in mils).

I have always wanted to sit down with Bill Wischer and his copy of (well Bruce Walther's) the DuPont color "bible" and Bob Johnson copy of (well the PRRT&H's) The Love of Munsell and just dive in for hours! Both are from similar eras...

But let me remind you all that EMD didn't use DuPont exclusively, Renish Mason made sure of that.

We all want to be close, very close to the correct color and research is vital, color doesn't expire in a particular era, it doesn't. It might over decades but only because the chemicals change that impact the color that is being reproduced, speaking of the manufacturer. Absence of lead in paint was dynamic.

I never read the bullshit name on the bottle of paint I look at the color and then find a useful color related to it. That is a good day...

Once you have applied the correct (in the eyes of the artist) color to your object the world explodes with the possibilities of the drama of color and realism. To much weathering and I sit there and shake my head and say why the oddity, why not the norm? Regardless the mediums to achieve the realism you're looking for are nearly endless.

It all starts with the "correct color" that the students can gain a consensus on, then stand back and admire our work. Just cross your arms and smile a big smile for it is not the "correct color" you admire it is that weathered SOB you just spent hours on you savor.

Indulge yourselves in it...

Greg Martin

Eventually all things merge into one and a river runs through it.
Norman Maclean

And Tony does a great job of summing up the entire discussion.... as he writes:

It's important to recognize that the Pantone system is NOT intended to be used as a way to match some arbitrary color.

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