Re: B&O sway roof on M-15 class boxcar

Charles Morrill

My HP shows the same sway.  I think the center of the roof on that boxcar has collapsed. 

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Subject: [STMFC] B&O sway roof on M-15 class boxcar

The wonderful picture of the B&O yard in Cincinnati in  1945:  has a M-15 boxcar (door opens to the right and its couple to the hopper car) just above the shed near the flat car with the two army tanks.  I enlarged the picture and the roof and the running board appear to sag in the center of the roof.   Its not enough sway for a John Allen stock car model….. The nearby cars do not have the sway, so it may not be a quirk in the picture or my computer (well, it is a Dell). 


Gary Laakso

North west of Mike Brock

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