Re: Freight Car Clinics at Prototype Rails in Cocoa Beach

Bruce Smith

​And my weathering clinic will cover how to weather steam era freight cars ;)



Bruce Smith

Auburn, AL

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Hi Folks,


               A lot of our esteemed STMFC members are giving clinics on freight cars at Prototype Rails:


Al Brown: Building Unusual Tank Cars

Ted Culotta: Finding Kitbashing Opportunities in Freight Cars

George Eichelberger: Freight Car Drawings from Eastern and Southeastern RR’s

Steve Funaro: Dry Ice Cars

Jared Harper: Building a 1943 Freight Car Roster

Roger Hinman: NYC Steel Flat Cars

Schuyler Larrabee: Shake-N-Take: Erie Boxcar

Jim Panza: Selected TTX Piggyback cars of the 60’s and 70’s

Mont Switzer: 1960s-70’s TOFC Trailers

Mark Vaughan: Intro to the GATX Airslide Covered Hopper

Bill Welch: Improving ARA/AAR Standard Steel HO Boxcar Kits

Fenton Wells: Kitbashing SOU 36’ Ventilated Boxcars from Accurail’s kit

Craig Zeni:  Building a Resin Freight Car Model for Beginners


               More info on these and other clinics can be found at .







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