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Dave Parker


You make a very good point.  I guess I was thinking (out loud?) more about the casting type of application, and about Jim's original question about whether you could paint over partially cured epoxy.   IOW, a lower S/V situation than in a glue joint.

Dave Parker
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> One thing yet to be mentioned:  my (albeit fuzzy) recollection is that at least some of the 2-part epoxies that I have used over the years have involved an exothermic reaction, i.e., they give off heat. 

Well, they all do that, and because the stuff is so viscous, and becomes solid, heat transfer is pretty slow.
However, unless you have it mixed in bulk (as in a cup, or using it to fill voids) the heat will dissipate
fairly readily. It's a function of surface to volume ratio - a thin film, even if between two solid pieces, will
not usually create enough heat to cause you a problem.

Mixing even a few milliliters in a small container will get quite warm. applying it in a film will let the heat

Carl Gustafson

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