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Ted Culotta's Prototype Modelers Voume Four has an excelent article on his treatment of this car.

Bill Pardie

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Although the SSW 81000 series cars were originally built 1912=1914, they all
received new underframes 1937=1939. Which explains why a "55 year old" flat car
would still be in revenue service in 1969, as shown in that magazine photo.

Richard Hendrickson modeled that car (in the magazine), SSW 81541, as the second
"pivot" car in a pair of flats with an extremely long pipe load.

I have a 1930 image of one of the SSW 81000 series cars with two Cotton Belt
trailers - a very early example of piggyback!

Tim O'Connor

 Richard Hendrickson's article in the June 1993 issue of Railmodel Journal (page 5),
 including a photo of a Cotton Belt car with a lumber load:
 Ben Hom

Jon Miller asked:
"I know that the/some of the correct lettering is NC&StL (champ HC-646).  I have one of my flats lettered but it's at the other house.  I found a unlettered (but painted) flat and the champ decals.  So now the question.  What other lettering would be correct and at least close.  I'm trying to do a flat with a lumber load but need to decal it first.  Got some "TrainLife" lumber loads and they seem to be nice but do require some time."

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