Re: Epoxy ?

Jim Betz

  Thanks for the replies - they confirm that what I've been doing all along
is a good idea to just keep doing it ... which has been to wait until the
epoxy is fully cured.  Typically I set 30 minute epoxy aside for 12 to 24
hours - I mix it on a small piece of hard surface cardboard ... and use
the left over on that piece to test if the cure is complete.  The extra
time has always proven to help.
  Yes, I did go to Wikipedia and other websites ... before I ever asked
the question ... they were all too sparse on the "practical side" of
epoxy - lots of stuff about how it works and such (without anything
I'd call the "details").

  Soooo - no short cuts for epoxy.  Sigh.  I love the way it provides a
strong bond and is non-conductive.  But I'm always careful to only
use it where I won't have to take it apart (ever).
                                  - Jim B.

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