Re: Epoxy ?

Jim Betz


  Actually that makes sense.  When working with epoxies what I use to
clean my hands is vinegar - it cuts uncured epoxy easily.  And it's
only a little bit smelly ... ;-)  What I do is to put some on my hands
and 'wash' it off with a throw away rag of some sort.  This is normally
only necessary when you have gotten far more epoxy on your hands
that normal and I don't remember ever having to do this when
working with epoxy on a model.

  I have not tried vinegar on cured epoxy.  But your experience
with alcohol sounds like cured epoxy bonds -can- be attacked" ...
if you are willing to wait.
  I suspect that what actually happened was that the alcohol
'dissolved' (broke the bonds) the epoxy 'one layer at a time'
until the weight let go.  I assume you also had to clean up and
repaint the car after those long months soaking in alcohol.
- Jim B.

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