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Douglas Harding

Opps my error on the reporting marks. I got caught up in looking at the buildings.


Doug  Harding


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Another image of the same building & reefers


Most likely the Marty Co began using the WRN reporting marks at the time of the expansion in 1932. The cars certainly look like ACF reefers

Doug  Harding


Except, as was pointed out earlier, the mark is WRX, which is Western Refrigerator Co., a GB&W affiliate. The cars are undoubtedly on long term lease, to have received the custom paint job, but apparently the Marty Co. never filed for their own mark. Interestingly, Monroe is not on the GB&W, not that it really matters for leased cars.


There are photos of WRX cars in custom lettering for several other cheese companies during this period.


Dennis Storzek 


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