Re: Loss Protection for our freight cars.

Larry Smith

For all Property and Casualty insurance it is smart also to make an inventory of everything you have.  Also as the agent recommended, take photos of everything and then store them off site.

You can purchase additional coverage with you homeowners insurance, but you have to include all of your model railroad equipment in with your wife's jewelry as well and they will only cover what is listed.

Collectors insurance, which is what the NMRA offers is all encompassing.   It covers everything, layout, books and rolling stock and locomotives.  Our club currently has the NMRA insurance and it is only $350 a year for 75K of coverage.  That covers total loss of everything.  By the way, the NMRA Insurance covers your equipment at shows as well, whereas the homeowners policy may not.

Again check with your agent and see what the limits are on your coverage if you add your model railroad equipment.

Larry Smith

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