Southern Huthchins end boxcar photo


I was going to say it was a Merchandise Service X-29 as well.
Came across an in-service photo of one of the Southern boxcars with the Hutchins end, dated 1923 from the Lackawanna glass plate collection at Steamtown:
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Richard, thanks, I agree it looks much more like that reefer, and not at all
like a PRR X29 in the Merchandise Service scheme. Also it does appear to have
either a plug door or swing doors, as a reefer would have.

Another reefer paint scheme was white top half, dark lower half of Raskin Packing
(another URTX like Marhoefer). There are photos of both styles in the refrigerator
car Color Guide.

Tim O'

 It might be a reefer of some kind, like the Marhoeffer:
   Richard Townsend
   Lincoln City, OR

  At first glance I thought the 21st car in this freight train must
  be a BAR box car. But the BAR State of Maine cars had nearly equal
  size bands of color, and these bands are not equal. Any suggestions?
  Tim O'Connor

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